Bowling and the Big Bang

hourglass-620397__180Time out. I love writing about psychology and science fiction, but sometimes I need to reflect on what this blog and its sister website, StinkyUniverse are all about. As of today, the publication of Dominion by Double Dragon Publishing is seven months away. It seems like a long time, approximating forever, but I imagine many soon-to-be authors feel likewise. Hurry up and publish my novel! At least show me the cover art!

library-1124718__180Looking ahead, though, if I expect my novel to sell a decent amount of copies, which would be great for me because that would mean my message is getting out to a lot of people, I need to start laying the groundwork now. Why? Okay, let’s assume Dominion does sell decently. What about all of the readers who want more because they enjoyed the book so much? Where do they turn? My websites.

Author Doug HewittBut the window of time after publication is short to capitalize on the publication date. My websites are StinkyUniverse29 and StinkyUniverse. Readers can learn more about D.A. Hewitt and Dominion, if that is, they can find me with a Google search. And that’s the key question. How do I facilitate the effort by readers to learn more about me and perhaps find more novels written by author D.A. Hewitt. Maybe they want to know about the author. Maybe they’re looking for upcoming titles. In any event, I need to be able to be found in an Internet that’s quite crowded.

rome-1227207_960_720But in anticipation of that, what can I say about my novel–Dominion? I’ve been warned not to put spoilers into these blog posts. With that being said, some information can be given out that enhances the reader’s anticipation. For example, some of the action takes place in Rome and some on the Moon. Now, for a science fiction novel, that’s not very revealing. But the mention of Rome might perk up the ear of some potential reader who has a connection or affinity with the city of Rome.

bowling-237905_960_720Here’s what I CAN say about Dominion, and why it gives readers a lot of bang for their buck (hopefully, a big bang). My science fiction novel Dominion has in it a psychological doctrine that could help readers accomplish various things. It has certainly helped me. For example, I went bowling last week. Now, I used to bowl fairly often, but it’s been about 20 years since I’ve bowled a game. My record high score at the time was 183. Fast forward 20 years. On my 2nd game, I bowl 186. This new high score is directly attributable to psychological tricks found in Dominion.

feral-horses-861679__180I hope that gives you a taste of how excited I am about the novel. In a way, it’s a methodology for harnessing the forces of the Id. Forces within the Id (which, like anger, sometimes rises up and takes control) are very powerful but very difficult to control. But negotiations in the mid-room of the psyche can lead to negotiated settlements in the psyche and limited use of the power of the Id. For more information, check out the Process Map of Consciousness at StinkyUniverse.

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