Here’s the thing. I’ve been trying to explain the Emergency Response Protocol to people, and they certainly do understand the basic tenets and the words that are coming out of my mouth; however, what I’ve been failing to emphasize is that the steps are done in preparation for a live-or-death outcome.

It’s somewhat comical to see myself tossing my lighter into the air with a planned rotation of x5 and then catching it and neatly slipping it into my pocket. Some may say it’s muscle memory. But I don’t practice all that much. And I try different kinds of tosses all the time (the paramount thing is to be prepared for the unexpected).

But here’s the thing. The way to approach it is, this is not for play, this is for life or death. Now, I like that I don’t die if I mess up. But, given these parameters, I believe I’m hitting about 70 percent of impossible shots. And ya know, that puts me in the category of thinking that I know what I’m doing.

I only wish I could convince others of this. Sigh. Well, at least we’ll have this blog as a testimony of my beliefs.


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