A Star’s Steady Dimming Suggests Alien Life Tapping Energy Source

sun 1There is a star named KIC 8462852 in astronomy circles but is also called Tabby’s star, and this star has been producing some inexplicable data lately from the Kepler Space Telescope. The fact is, this star is growing dimmer quickly, and the pace of its dimming is accelerating. In the most recent data, scientists were able to rule out other possible explanations, such as a large planet passing by to partially block the solar radiation. But it’s not a planet. If it were, after the planet passes, the star’s brightness would return. With Tabby’s star, the decline in brightness is not just steady, it’s accelerating.

There’s been a whittling away of possible explanations, including the ruling out of interstellar clouds, due to better data collection. The strongest remaining candidate is that the star’s energy output is being consumed by a mega-structure constructed by an alien race (or its robotic drones) to consume the star’s energy output. Actually, it’s the only explanation left that makes any sense. At least, that was the story on the Geek website.

The main reason people suspect it could be an alien mega-structure is that the star dropped in brightness really, really quickly — losing 2% of its total output in just 200 days. And that drop is accelerating.

rocket blast offI’m suggesting, however, an alternate explanation. Anyone who has seen the movie Interstellar knows that time passes at different rates for people, depending on certain things like relative speed and gravitational density. Well, what if there’s some aspect about Tabby’s star in relation to our planet Earth that is making 100 years for them equal to about 1 minute for us. Wouldn’t we then see the “rapid” (for us) dimming as the star slowly (for the star) burns out? It could explain the accelerating pace, too.

Some scientist made the point that if there was something going on near the event horizon of a black hole, we would be completely unable to view the process in action. Time at the event horizon, relative to us while standing on the planet Earth, would be nearly infinitely slower, like my entire lifetime would be 1 second near the event horizon.

And so what if there is something going on with this star in terms of time relativity? Could it be a cosmic string? Dark matter or energy? It is not an alien mega-structure, methinks. It is a clue, though, to the universe expansion dilemma that created the need to come up with dark energy and dark matter to explain the acceleration of the expansion of the universe and other curious phenomena. If I’m right, this topic will certainly morph into its own sub-curricula within the fields of cosmology.






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