About those elemental forces of nature …

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I’m no nuclear physicist. But I do know that scientists have pared down the elemental forces of nature to four. The strong and weak (nuclear) force along with gravity and electromagnetism. But dare I say they’ve missed three.

The Three Forces

  • differentiation
  • autopoeisis
  • communing.

These forces act on living organisms in the universe. The forces will only act when there is a net influx of energy, such as exists here on Earth with the energy that solar radiation gives us, but I do believe they are universal, and there’s evidence to support that. This is one reason that I’m sure we’ll find life elsewhere in the universe. How could we not? The three forces will allow life to flourish. Fairly scientific, I’d say, although we could certainly extend this to a religious argument. But I’ll save that for another day.

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Life differentiates. Any population over time will develop differences if for no other reason than chance changes to DNA. Darwin of course would postulate a “force” of survival of the fittest. In any case, life differentiates over time. It gave us the wonderful word of biodiversity.

What else?

There is also no doubt that there is communing among living things. In part, this is reproduction. But really communing is the exchange of information. And in a way, his goes back to Darwin. Any species that can more effectively communicate (think ants), the more likely that species will survive. For humans, there is by extension a sense of a need to feel needed, a psychological pairing of our divided psyches. As Jung would say, the anima and the animus.


Autopoeisis basically means “self-organizing”. So, if you’re a lab technician, or perhaps a botanist, you could examine a population of living organisms. Guess what? They will exhibit evidence of self-organization. Well, where does this come from? What force is driving this? Why can’t we recognize that this “force” is something that is real and measurable and as such exists and is real?

And therein lies the rub.



While we admit that the strong and weak (nuclear) forces are inherent in nature, our language gets weak when we try to describe the inherent nature of life in the universe. If the forces of differentiation, autopoeisis, and communion are inherent in the fabric of the cosmos, then isn’t there something beyond the realm of the physical, a la Rene Descartes and the mind-body split?

But first we need to talk about Descartes. That will be the next blog. It’ll be fun because Descartes is mentioned (discussed) in my science fiction novel Dominion.

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