Addressing the Machine

By the way, concerning Child Protective Services (CPS):

I’m not the biological dad, but I am the stepdad, so I do have input. And I have two PhD children and a son with a Master’s.

So when a CPS representative questions me about parenting (oh, and I’ve had a couple of parenting books published, The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting being the most prominent), I have to wonder who is asking the questions.

And who was this person?

Someone with no children. Someone who has never give birth. Someone who has no clue what it feels like to be a parent. And why should this person be telling me how to raise children? I really don’t have a good answer. Other than, this CPS person has the authority to do it. Of course, she’ll raise a couple of good Duracells if she is given a chance, but I’m not even sure this particular person was interested in raising children because she is inundated with accusations of moms being bad moms. Why take the chance? And why does she have the authority to make her infantile recommendation stick?

Because the machine needs batteries.

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