An Interview with Pope Pius XIII

I’m happy to have Pope Pius XIII here for a chat. Let’s get right to it.

D.A. Hewitt: Welcome, Pope Pius. I hope you have time for a few questions. And is it okay to call you Pope Pius?

Pope Pius XIII: Certainly, my child. Your Grace is also acceptable within Catholic dogma. And please, ask away. Remember, the way of the Lord is the truth, and if you don’t ask the right questions, the truth you shall never find.

D.A. Hewitt: Yes, thank you for that. Reminds me of Caddyshack, but let’s move on. As of course you must know, you play a role in my sci fi novel Dominion.

Pope Pius XIII: Indeed, and it’s puzzling to me why I have a sense of nervousness about it. I mean, I’m not known to have stage fright.

D.A. Hewitt: Could you explain your motivations in Dominion? What’s up with the Catholic Church in my novel?

Pope Pius XIII: It’s very simple. The Church is interested in spreading the Word of the Lord. In your novel, I establish the Lunar See on the Moon. I’m humbled by the opportunity to see the spread of Roman Catholicism beyond our home planet.

D.A. Hewitt: I should remind everyone that Pope Pius is the Pope in the year 2075. The Moon has been colonized. And there is a push for independence from Mother Earth. After all, they do have the high ground.

Pope Pius XIII (chuckles): Yes, they do. And I want the Catholic Church to be a part of it.

D.A. Hewitt: It does seem like you had an inside track to establishing Roman Catholicism on the Moon. How did you manage that?

Pope Pius XIII: As you know, the Moon has been commercialized. Also, there are many people who contribute heavily in the Church. They take their tithing seriously.

D.A. Hewitt: Ah, pay to forgive sins and bypass Purgatory?

Pope Pius XIII: People give in accordance with their consciousnesses.

D.A. Hewitt: Right. And I know time’s running short. So I’ll jump to the question I’ve been dying to ask. Do you know the works of Carl Jung? He loved Roman Christianity. He loved the pomp and circumstance, the ceremony of it all.

Pope Pius XIII: Ir’s odd that you ask that. Yes, I do indeed know of Mr. Jung. I appreciate his appreciation of my faith.

D.A. Hewitt: But if you know Mr. Jung, you must know that he believed the religion must turn inward and adopt some of the Eastern aspects of religion. For example, a turning inward. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of mediation going on over there, and in Roman Catholicism, not so much.

Pope Pius XIII: I’m aware of his thoughts. And indeed I’ve been praying on that Now, if you want to compare praying and meditation, I think that would be useful.

D.A. Hewitt: Another blog post!

Pope Pius XIII (chuckles again): I would be interested in reading it. But if I may make my final point with regard to Mr. Jung and his admonition that my Church should look inward to find God.

D.A. Hewitt: By all means, shoot.

Pope Pius XIII: I’ve become convinced that …, if you consider the structure of the Holy Scriptures …

D.A. Hewitt: The Bible.

Pope Pius XIII: Yes. Well, there are a lot of parables in there. Our Lord Christ spoke a great deal in parables. And that made me think, what if the whole miracle of the appearance of Christ, his crucifixion and resurrection were parables on a higher level, a level that one has to take a big picture view of. What would that imply?

D.A. Hewitt: That the Pharisees are kaput and everyone has a direct line to God?

Pope Pius XIII (hesitates): It would seem so. I’d like to think I have an open mind about it.

D.A. Hewitt: Well, having an open mind seems counter to dogma, but I do think you’re on the right track in Dominion. I’ll be looking for a sequel.

Pope Pius XIII: Thank you. Yes.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the Pope in the future. Stay tuned.


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