Asking The Right Question

DominionAsk the right question.

One of the most important points I try to make in my science fiction novel Dominion is that asking the right question is extremely important. In fact, if you ask any quantum physicist, he or she will tell you that indeed the nature of the question in part predicates the possible answers on the quantum scale. So, yes, changing the question you ask changes the basic fabric of the universe itself.

I had a comment posted to my previous blog. The comment asked, basically, what good is all this? It all sounds good, but what’s in it for me?

Fair enough. In fact, good question. And yes, there are such things as stupid questions. But that’s another blog. For now, let’s focus on on the topic of this blog, which also happens to answer to the comment posted to my previous blog post.

What’s In It For Me?

rabbbitsSo, I’m going to generalize as much as possible, but this situation is real, and this actually happened to me tonight. So, here’s the situation. I have a girlfriend, and she has two children. Now, I mentioned to my girlfriend that the two children (both boys, 6 and 8 years old) seemed to very much like me and wanted me in their life, but I was a bit fuzzy about what it was exactly that they needed from me. Other than, of course, a general feeling of having a functional family unit and a sense of stability.

But then …

peacockI remembered mentioning an earlier scene in which the 2 children were near me by the couch and fireplace. I was getting a fire going. The boys (being boys, of course), like fire. As long as it’s under control. And, well, I’m good with fires and fireplaces. I’ve been doing it for many, many years. And the boys are impressed, I can tell. In fact, one of them said, “It’s funny, Doug, you can just move the logs around and it’s perfect for getting the fire going!”

And I also mentioned how, seeing how I was laying on the carpeted floor, at the hearth, with the 2 boys sitting on the couch with their feet on my side, that when one of them got up to go do something (play or get a drink or whatever), they came back and sat on the couch and put their feet back on me as though it was very important.

And I asked aloud, “I think that meant something, but I don’t know what.”

Hmmmm …

It’s funny how asking the right question can bring oneself to the truth. Or perhaps it’s more like, ask the right question, and the quantum probabilities change (really, they do!).

sunriseAnd so, yes, this stuff I’m talking about has value. It doesn’t give you the answer. It gives you the way to find your path to the answer. And what more can anyone do for you?

These 2 boys need a foundation. Their subconscious minds were reaching out and acting out in a symbolic way, planting their feet on me physically, so that in a symbolic way their need for a familial foundation, the cornerstone if you will of the building of the rest of our lives, would be on firm footing. In a tactile way, they were expressing some basic human need for a firm footing at home.


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