Asteroid Mining is Coming!

The age of asteroid mining is approaching, and I’ve seen a couple of news items that indicate to me that the pace of its approach is accelerating. That’s good news for my novel Dominion, because asteroid mining is a big motivator in the book.

Space Station Dominion DesignThe first piece of news is legislation passed in the United States. It’s the American Space Technology for Exploring Resource Opportunities In Deep Space (Asteroids) Act, introduced last month by Reps. Bill Posey (R., Fla.) and Derek Kilmer (D., Wash.). Basically, it allows companies to keep the metals they mine from asteroids and prevents others from interfering (kinda like fishing in international waters).

The other piece of news indicates how other countries are positioning themselves to cash in on the asteroid mining bonanza. Luxembourg has already reached agreements with two US-based companies, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, to open offices in Luxembourg. Those are the 2 companies best known for developing asteroid mining technologies and strategies.

The age of asteroid mining is coming. It’s it’ll be here soon.

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