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Okay, so I’m the author. If I happen to find a confidential memo (at least in the eyes of DOER – Dominion Off-Earth Resources), then I’m allowed to share. And NO, I’m not giving anything away. The race for space is clearly set in the first few pages.

The Author, You Say?

DDP_logoWell, yes. Dominion is due for publication in November 2016. The publisher is Double Dragon Publishing.

The title is Dominion.

And the year is 2075 …

Space Mining

Yes, free enterprise is thriving in 2075. Mostly, the cost benefit is for precious metals. Asteroids captured by space drones return to the Moon. There, the metals are processed. Deals are then made with Earth …, well, maybe …

spaceshipThere are two main competitors for domination of the commercialization of space. The company in the lead by far is DOER – Dominion Off-Earth Resources. Pettit Space Industries – PSI – is also in the running, but is a distant second. Their competition provides the backdrop for Dominion.

But What About The DOER Memo?

Yes, well, the memo comes from the Advertising/Marketing department inside DOER. Even as an author, I have no insight into the nameless entities that inhabit corporate America, but I do know that successful advertising campaigns use concepts of psychology in order to get the message across – or more accurately, more embedded in the minds of viewers.

So, I’ll present the memo below. I have no comment … at this time.





The objective of DOER advertisements is to control people’s behavior in pre-calculated ways. Typical behaviors DOER is interested in are purchasing habits, i.e., reserving a room at the Dominion Space Hotel. This can be accomplished by subliminal messaging during grid feeds of sexually gratifying images.


Corporate Responsibility

Marketing is assigned primary responsibility for implementation of this strategy.



Jungian archetypes efficiently connect with base human needs. Appeals to viewers’ LUST and HERO and symbology will trigger those human urges. Subsequent fulfillment promises can be planted with Dominion the centerpiece.


Jungian Archetype Examples

  • Roman Gods
  • Ninja Warriors
  • Lotus Flowers
  • American Old West Heroes
  • Totems (high end)
  • Chakra Field Enhancers



Recent advances in neuroplasticity studies indicate purchasing patterns can be programmed as quasi-permanent neural pathways. Repeat purchases are anticipated.

End Memo

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