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Today, strangely enough, I met with a financial advisor to discuss my retirement. The cost was totally free to me. And I got some great advice, but what was interesting to me was that I may have provided some equally valuable information to the financial advisor. I believe the topic came up because in discussing anyone’s future retirement, the subject of children’s educational costs and future wedding costs should be added into the equation.

Wedding costs? Okay, so maybe set some aside for this, but really, what are these financial advisors planning for? A wedding in Hawaii? Gimme a break.

But the cost of education is very real to me, and I understand the financial burden it can be. And so when I was trying to figure out how to help my children pay for their post secondary education, I decided that I was learning so much valuable information, including strategies for scholarship interviews, that I put all of what I learned into a book, the Free College Resource Book.

Some of the links might be outdated, but the book provides good instructions on how to search for the relevant websites. The financial advisor was thrilled. I gave her a business card for StinkyUniverse. And I thought the entire encounter was win-win.


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