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Welcome to the blog sister site of stinkyuniverse!

Although there is a blog feed on stinkyuniverse, I felt the need to establish a standalone blog site. I mean, c’mon, after writing (and selling publishing rights) for Dominion, I still feel I’ve just scratched the surface of what I have to say about science fiction and psychoanalysis.

In this blog, I’ll explore my Process Map of Consciousness, what it means, and other implications in the realm of psychoanalysis. Of course, a lot of this went into my science fiction novel Dominion, but this topic is, with apologies to Sigmund Freud, deep.

How did I come up with a process map? I began thinking about consciousness, and I suppose it’s no big revelation that consciousness can occur only over time. If time were to freeze, consciousness would cease to exist. It does for most of us every day as we sleep. So, because of my involvement in process improvements in the manufacturing sector of a thriving company, I learned how to map all of our manufacturing processes. And I figured, because consciousness is a process, why not map it?

The Process Map will eventually lead this blog to the Standard Model of Consciousness. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. And so I think a good place to start, as a topic for the next blog post, is what do I mean when I talk about what “I” is.

And oh yeah, and I have a chart for that. It’s not a process, so there’s no map. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have visual aids.


5 comments: On Stinky Universe Launches!

  • This is a great website. Do you know anyone who analyzes dreams? I have had some that have stuck with me through morning..

    • Thank you. I do in fact know someone who analyzes dreams. I did one today in fact, and I have to admit I hit a home run. But, it helps if you have the process map.

  • Someone (and you know who you are) thinks this website is pretty good, but needs some work. I agree.

  • If someone smiles while they are sleeping, what does it mean?

  • Sleep is the time when the subconscious sorts things out and sometimes illustrates discord (or desire or pleasure) via dreams. There have been many scientists who just before bedtime write down a question that’s been difficult to solve, and when they wake up, viola, the answer is there. There’s a lot going on in our subconscious. Smiling during sleep could very well mean the expression of an inner harmony. Of course, temporary smiles during sleep could also be associated with the passing of gas, but I’m assuming you’re talking about prolonged sleep smiles. 🙂

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