If Alien Life Exists, Where Is It?

Check out the latest YouTube feed featuring footage from the ISS (International Space Station): click here. The buzz among alien hunters is that this was a feed that NASA was too slow to turn off. Anyway, my initial reaction is that this object was not natural. It moved closer, then moved away. It looked cylindrical. And I can’t help but have the following reaction: click here.

At least it gives me an opportunity to apply some logic and answer the lingering question: if the universe has so many stars, so many planets, it seems statistically that life must exist elsewhere in the universe, so why haven’t we heard from alien life by now?

weightless consciousnessIt’s a fair question. Of course, there’s a large segment of society that believes Earth had indeed been visited by aliens. Hollywood is awash with movies about life on Mars, for example. It’s in our culture. I come at the question from the math angle. And that means, of course there’s life elsewhere in the universe. It’s a mathematical certainty, in my mind. But with that said, it is true that the large majority of inhabitants of this planet cannot say that they’ve been in contact with an alien species. Hence the title of this blog. If it’s a mathematical certainty, where are they?

Sorry to simplify here, but let’s look at this logically. Either aliens have visited Earth or they have not. If they have visited Earth, it makes sense to me that they would simply contact the person(s) with power (i.e., the President). And so it is believable to me that there is contact, but we just don’t know about it. Regardless, I do believe common knowledge of aliens will happen within the next 50 years. I base this prediction on the advances we’ve made here on Earth. We’ll be colonizing Mars soon. We’re about to bust out from our own planet. How can we expect another life form to be more advanced than us? I think we’re at or near the cutting edge of the evolution of our universe. And so is every other frame (in Einsteicool planet shotn’s terms) in the universe. Life everywhere is about on pace with life on Earth in the evolutionary scale. At least in our neighborhood of the milky way. And outside the local neighborhood, the speed of light is a current constraint to hearing from any other civilization. So until a culture figures out wormholes, we’re outta luck on contacting aliens beyond our neighborhood. The information we receive from these distant locations will always be from eons ago.

But, I do think that entangled particles will enable us one day to communicate across any distance. The trick is, getting there. Where’s Einstein 2.0 when we need him?




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