Impossible, Post 2

It was just odd. After I posted last night’s blog, I watched (for the upteenth time), Jaws. And there were 2 instances of when the word impossible was used. Off the top of my head, it seems that the boat captain thought it was impossible for a shark to go underwater with 3 barrels stuck in him. Well, he was wrong. And then there was the question of the shark following the boat into shore. At that point, the question became, has a shark ever acted this way before. And the answer was no.

And so I was wondering if there were other movies that used “impossible” as a motivation. I’ve just begun, but let’s start with Star Wars. In this movie, Luke chooses instinct over automation in shooting the shot that destroys the death star. Why did he do that? That is the pertinent question. And if you agreed with his choice. But the question is, why do you agree?

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