Incomplete Process Map of Consciousness

What’s missing?

It occurs to me thbatteryat although my process map of consciousness is correct, it is incomplete.

The story of how it occurred to me that it was incomplete is interesting to me, and … revealing. It’s revealing in the way that what it reveals is what the core problem is that this revision corrects. But anyway, first to the addition/revision to the map.

See, the thing is, there are 3 main players at the bargaining table of your psyche. The ego, the id, and the superego. (Blogger note: the term superego is how the poorly translated German word got translated; it should’ve been, over-ego (i.e., the overlord).) Now, remember, the superego is always trying to ride a good course, to direct the ego, which is like a powerful stallion with a mind of its own, on the correct course (what the correct course is, is of course, a subject of much discussion and a topic of a future blog). The superego wants to do good theoretically. Of course, practice always works in theory, but theory never works in practice. Except, of course, for Quantum Physics. But that’s a different blog.

The addition to the map is an energy check. I’m sure it’s akin to the workings of a cell phone battery monitoring app. The point is, when the superego and the ego (and the id, of course, because they’re all at the bargaining table of the psyche as to what’s going to happen next) have a discussion as to what to do next. Ego is short.term satisfaction. Superego is long-term do-the-right-thing .

Therefore, the question of which of the 3 gets its way is dependent of the battery reserve of the psyche. Because, we all lose self control, or at least tend to, when certain circumstances arises. And therefore, the balance of power at the bargaining table is dependent on the battery reserve of psychic will power.



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