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Once in a while, I blog about my progress on writing novels and going through the publication process. This would be of general interest to authors, but it could also be of interest to others who want to take a peek into the life of an author. And at least in this case, I’m asking for input to a question I’m wrestling with regarding the direction of an upcoming novel. The current title of this upcoming novel is Frame of Mind. But that will change. The new title will have Roanoke in it, something like Roanoke Rising. More on that later.

I would be remiss if this kind of author blog didn’t include a status report on Dominion, which will be published next month (November, 2016) by Double Dragon Press. I had hoped to get a glimpse of the cover art by now, but I don’t care as long as it’s good and eye-catching. Here’s a blurb:

It’s the year 2075. Lunar mining and processing facilities have prospered near the lunar south pole, where the Moon’s largest city, Valhalla, rests on the rim of the Shackleton Crater.

Dominion Off-Earth Resources has beaten the competition into space and is ready to establish its monopoly with the opening of the orbiting space resort Dominion. But Pettit Space Industries has a secret plan to emerge as a major contender in the commercialization of space. The upstart company is training the first space rescue squad at a secluded off-grid site in Barrow, Alaska.

rocket blast offBack to Roanoke Rising. It’s an urban fantasy in which there’s a break in the space-time continuum, and this break in the fabric is allowing travel between parallel worlds. And of course one of the planets is Earth. The other planet currently resembles Colonial America. In fact, there’s a Powhatan Indian who is a major character in the novel. However, after reading Beowolf’s Children, I’m thinking of adding well-known characters from History such as, say, Daniel Boone. Now, what if Daniel Boone rolled over on the battlefield and stood up in modern day Maryland? That could be quite interesting, especially if I have poetic license (and I do).

And my question is, if I were to bring forth some interesting characters from Colonial America, who would they be? I think Pocahontas is a bit too trite, although it’s the right time frame. Daniel Boone comes later. Still, what about Benedict Arnold? He might be interesting. Or maybe Thomas Jefferson or someone of his ilk.

Look, as one of my characters says, “we’re no strangers to love.” Of course not! But, that’s low-hanging fruit. You know the rules, and so do I.  And as another character of mine says, “A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of. You wouldn’t get this from any other guy.” And for this rest of this blog, I must direct you to the unofficial Rick-rolled finale: click here.

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