Parachuting and Aging

paragliding-744053__180How old is too old?

My dad, at age 91 (or so) just did a parachute jump. He’s been parachuting his entire life, so it’s nothing new. However, there comes a point when one has to ask oneself, when does the risk outweigh the benefit? For example, I don’t think my dad would argue too much if I said he shouldn’t be parachuting when he’s 130. His bones would be too frail. Just not a good idea. Would he agree? Hmmm. I think so, but regardless, there would be an upper age limit for which parachuting is no longer a viable recreational outlet.

parachute-713654__180So, here’s the twist. I asked him what had transpired before the jump. He said that everyone else had opted out of jumping (parachuting) that day. Too windy, they said. Too much rain, they said. Not today, they said. Except my dad. He said, let’s do it.

Hmmm. And now for the rest of the story …


teddy-242851_960_720Yes, as you might have guessed, my dad broke his leg. Pretty much a major fracturing of the femur. Ouch. Well, I, myself, have been thinking about cutting back on the physical activity. A male friend, me, and our 2 girlfriends (well, more than that) lifted a Suzuki 1995 King Quad into the back of an F-150 (or maybe 250). Wow, I was completely depleted of energy after that. I mean, I was really stretching the limits of what I could (physically) do. I mean, really, lifting up a King Quad into a pickup truck bed? I’m too old for that. But I did it. And my dad went ahead and said he would jump. The only one of the day. Sigh. I hope I make better choices.

The Bottom :Line

skydiving-665034__180With regard to time and how we perceive it, I try to think about the situation in which I stop shaving. At which point do I start “having a beard”? Well, it’s a gradual change. Yes, there is a point when I can say I have a beard. But finding the exact point in time when it could be said I have a beard is debateable. At best. And so when should I stop parachuting? Probably before I turn 90. I can find other outlets. I appreciate staring the impossible in the eye and accomplishing it, but parachuting at 90 seems beyond a reasonable self-set limit. Hmm. Self-set limits. By age. That might be a good blog topic. Stay tuned.


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