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Here is more writing
Here is more writing

I was thinking about the Process Map of Consciousness tonight. It seems to me that I’ve been woefully inadequate in explaining it to the people in my life. It’s not that I’m not trying. I mean, I have this “tool” for living life and it helps me enormously, and yet when I try to relay this information, I get kudos for being clever, but there’s no being convinced. Huh. That is so unfortunate. But, I say to myself, maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself. I mean, the full explanation is in my novel Dominion, due for release in November 2016. In fact, the reason I wrote this science fiction novel is because I wanted to present The Process Map of Consciousness to the masses, but I knew they wouldn’t accept it based on some blog from one of the millions of other blogs. But, a science fiction novel might catch on. If it’s good, there’ll be some chatter on the internet. And then this blog will be priceless.

homeless-844206__180But I did want to add a few caveats about the Process Map. First, it doesn’t prevent all of the crap that would otherwise enter your life from entering your life. I admit it — life is a whole lot of crap. And in the end, you die. We don’t discuss it much, even in church, but isn’t that the end game, and shouldn’t it be part of …, on my deathbed I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and say, I gave it my best shot. And by that I mean, finding or otherwise discovering the truth. Argh. That’s when we get into Gnostic Christianity.

cathedral-of-the-assumption-1257642__180Okay, side note. In Gnostic Christianity, there is the god of knowledge, Sophia. Now, I was raised Roman Catholic, and at the very least I would consider myself a Christian, and in all of these faiths there is a general commandment (well, actually, one of the original ten commandments,) But don’t Christians believe in the devil? And isn’t Satan a fallen angel? And don’t angels have specials powers that are beyond we humans? Well, I submit that acknowledging a “fallen” angle Sophia (who is trying to help us to know ourselves, because even in the Christian Bible there is a reference that to know thyself is to know God. Yes!!! There you have Gnostic Christianity in a nutshell. Don’t we want to be with God? Of course! Well, the sacrament that Roman Catholicism left out was the wedding chamber. That is when we “marry” with God. We become one with the Supreme Oneness. And it’s on Judgment Day, the day you die. And hey folks, we all go there.


brain 1I don’t understand the whole Satan deal. Raised Roman Catholic, I understand the Satan background. But here’s a new perspective. And if you think about it, it’s not all that different from established dogma. But look, our religion says we are all sinners. We all have Satan lurking in our hearts. Sure. I agree. And from a Jungian perspective, that conflict takes place in the subconscious (or, in The Process Map of Consciousness, the Moshe pit), so I say, let Satan in! Look, for a moment let’s think of the Archetype as Loki. Loki creates mischief, usually to the human’s great disadvantage. But, look, both Loki and Satan are one dimensional. They are very powerful, but you know their goals, their aims, … what they want. And hey, isn’t it somewhat straightforward how to fool them, psychologically speaking? You might very well ask, what are you talking about? Here’s the thing. Let’s look at the process map. If I look at my superego, I might say, rabbit in treelet’s check out. End it. But my ego says, let’s correct it. We can work it out. And then you have the Id. And the Id works in the moshe pit. And therein lies the power of the dark side. But here’s the thing, if you let the dark side think it’s got it’s hold on you, then you can harness its power and then lean back and smile because you got the energy to get through the day (because you harnessed Loki’s power to kick their asses that night in an intramural basketball game, or some otherwise insignificant even that you cleverly place great value on.

The ego is like a stallionTo illustrate, imagine a woman PMSing. Yikes! A lot of negative energy. In fact, if there were decisions made during the PMS period, it’s likely emotion played a role. But my suggestion is to accept the negative energy and use it your advantage. For example, when I am in my deepest funk, I might have the thought: if I had the power, I’d blow the whole friggin world up. Populated with butt heads. So what do I do? Well, I tell myself, since it doesn’t matter, I might as well throw myself at this project that I dread with all my might and hate the entire world while I’m at it. And somehow, in this world in which I believe you have to say either everything or nothing is a miracle, you’ve somehow managed to summon the energy to accomplish something that you didn’t think you had in you. Well, you didn’t. You harnessed Loki. And that’s okay. You came out ahead while acknowledging a part of you exists that a great many other people deny.


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