Roanoke Rising Update and Steal This Thesis

I’ve started pitching my novel Roanoke Rising to literary agents. It’s a fun time to be an author. The possibilities are endless. Of course, every author who submits a newly minted manuscript thinks that the manuscript is bound for some bestseller list or another, but hey, with this being my eighth novel, I would like to think that there’s some rationale for thinking that Roanoke Rising actually is bestseller material.

As for the Steal This Thesis segment of this post, I have figured something out. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with it, but my initial impression is that this concept could very well unite Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity with the Standard Model of Quantum Physics. And here is how I arrived at it.

First of all, I read physics books for fun, especially quantum physics. And, I’ve been able over the years to wrap my head around the General Theory of Relativity. As I read these books, I began to wonder why all of the great minds who have worked on unifying the Standard Model and Relativity have failed, and in my mind miserably so. String Theory held out some hope for unification for a while, but they’ve been at it for 30 years and still nothing.

It occurred to me, maybe everyone is asking the wrong question. To me, asking the right question is a skill that everyone should try to master. And very few people know how to ask the right question. Mostly it’s due (in my opinion) to a lack of critical thinking. Look, I came to ‘critical thinking’ late in life. I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do. But …, well, there you go.

Anyway, so what’s the right question? Actually, there are several.

  • What exactly is ‘time’?
  • Why can’t these geniuses figure out a unified theory?
  • What’s going on at the event horizon of a black hole?

So, as a background, I read a book titled TIME or something like that. I’ll look it up if anyone’s interested. But the point is, the author’s take on ‘time’ was that it was a result of the expansion of the universe. BINGO! I really think that’s true.

I mean, our universe is inflating. That’s a fact that we know due to Hubble. But look, it’s also known that space cannot be totally empty thanks to quantum theory. There’ll always be small particles zipping in and out of existence because of the introduction of uncertainty that comes with quantum theory. And so even in the emptiest of space, there’s a small amount of ‘heat’ that arises above absolute zero. I think it’s about 0.3 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero. And so, space is expanding and it has a constant temperature. Well, doesn’t that mean our universe is not a closed system? Yes, it seems to me.

It’s my understanding that, basically, the issue with unification is to figure out how relativity works on the quantum scale. Many great physicists tried to hypothesize a particle called the graviton that acted as a force-carrying agent of gravity. None of them succeeded.

But here’s where I started thinking. And by the way, I look at this as the loaf of bread universe. I’ll explain later, if you’d like. But, in traditional and quantum physics, forces are at play in this universe, and as time passes, we can predict what happens based on these forces. Cool. But my point is, gravity isn’t a force. It’s a construct of the space-time continuum (which is a bogus word; nothing is continuous; everything is (and MUST be) quantized).

The actual force at play isn’t gravity. It’s TIME. It’s the expansion of the universe that causes objects to play out the warping of space caused by objects (like planets and stars and black holes). I’m thinking of the Newtonian F = ma. But a = acceleration, which has a unit of TIME. Couldn’t this equation be rewritten (or better yet, seen in a new light) that considers TIME to be the force and the acceleration is due to the force exerted by the expansion of the universe and the curvature of the space-time continuum predicted by General Relativity? I think, maybe so.

And if all of what I just wrote is true, I’m fairly certain it’s a quick flick of the switch to unite these theories.

It’ll be fun to think this through. I do have a Master’s in mathematics, so I do have some tools to work with as I move forward. Stay tuned.




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