Roanoke Rising

Okay, I’m switching gears.

I’m moving on from talking about my science fiction novel Dominion to my next novel, Roanoke Rising.

More about that later.

In the meantime, I’d like to suggest a clause be added to the standard wedding vows. When the vows are said, it’s a promise to love and cherish forever. That’s why, in Roman Catholicism, they expel you if you get divorced.

But in Gnostic Christianity, people have a direct link to God.

In Roman Catholicism, they expel you if you get divorced because they have the key to power.

Well, let’s add, “, unless God tells you differently.” to the marriage vows. Because, some marriages are bad and aren’t meant to be. God wants us to find our way to Him, and sometimes our spouses are impediments.

More later …

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