You Are What You Is

Parts of Self

One day I asked myself, “What I take a metaphorical step back and look myself in the mirror, who is doing the looking and who is this person looking at?”

It’s not a stretch to think that when we take a step back, we’re taking a step back from our immersion in the world, and the part of us that is totally immersed in the here and now is the ego.

This is not new, but it’s necessary to understand these different parts of our psyche if we’re to ever come to an understanding of psychoanalysis in the sense that Carl Jung referred to. And I’ll certainly cover Jung and Freud as topics, but for now let’s take their groundbreaking work and try to break new ground.

The ego, the id, and the superego. These are the basic parts of the psyche as suggested by Freud and Jung. Although, the word “superego” was translated a but awkwardly from German. The German expression is uberego. Uber means “over.” And so for Jung, the superego was more like a kindly overlord. Jung later said the superego is like someone riding a powerful stallion, with the stallion wanting always to break free and run the fields. The ego is strong and powerful. That’s why dieting is so difficult. It’s easy for the superego to agree that a diet is a good path to take. The ego says fuck you.

Of course, our physical bodies are part of ourselves, too, at least in our present state here on Earth.

The Id is that hidden part of our psyche where we know stuff is going on, but we’re not conscious of it. Ever wake up in the morning and the answer to a question that’s been puzzling you pops into your head? Well, some part of your brain had to have been involved with the processing of that question. And yet you weren’t aware of it. This hidden, unseen, and yet powerful part of the psyche is the Id.

It’s how the different parts of “us” interact that constitutes the Process Map. That’s a topic this blog will be covering soon.

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