Steal This Thesis – A Look at my Science Fiction Novel Dominion

Steal This Thesis

It occurred Space Station Dominion Designto me that during the writing of Dominion, I employed a lot of futuristic thinking in order to portray accurately a vision of what the future might look like in the year 2075. And so if I were to be looking at some blog topics that fall under the umbrella of Steal This Thesis, I could use the narrative of Dominion to explain some of the scientific extrapolations. I will say, though, that this public domain picture of a space station is fairly close to what I imagined as I was writing the novel. Picture this while reading the novel will be to your benefit.

With that said, here are a couple of technology advances that I presupposed in the creation of Dominion. First, let’s discuss facial recognition software. I don’t think people in general understand the fundamental changes thspy cameraat will occur in our society as a result of this technology. It’s a game changer. And it’s already here. But, leaving aside the political ramifications of this topic, there’s a psychological aspect. We’re under the microscope. Every move you make is observed. The central computer knows who you are. And the technology is so fast that this is all done instantaneously.

Most people might say, if you’re doing nothing wrong, then you have nothing to worry about. It’s only the criminals that are afraid. Facial recognition software is good. But, and here’s my point, what if you happen to perchance go off the grid as do my characters in Dominion?

My characters would absolutely be under suspicion in the New World Order. They went off the grid. They have advanced technology. They are receiving military training – well, not really, but certainly training that enhances their ability to survive a battle. The thing is, they would be arrested because their behavior is so bizarre, so out of the ordinary. And that’s what those computers will be looking for. They’ll understand every little nuanced movement, every little eye flicker, every little tossing of the long-haired blondes, and if you don’t fit the norm, you WILL be singled out.

woman-1253509__180Facial recognition is here. It is sad, in my estimation. But also, it’s inevitable. It’s so cheap and easy to use. The government can monitor all public spaces and have a registry of people they are interested in. It’s all GPS-based. They know where you are (and me!).




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