Steal this Thesis – God told me to do it

I wanted to address the situations that are documented that involve the murder of a child with the perpetrator being one of the parents. But, my stipulations further narrow the cases under discussion. What I’m interested in is the situations in which a parent kills a child because according to the parent, the parent was told to do this by the voice of God (or the sight of God, or the vision from God, …, whatever).

Today in church, the topic of discussion touched on the communication between God and Abraham and how God told Abraham to leave his family, his inheritance, his friends, and just go. God said, if Abraham did this, God would bestow the promised land upon his descendants; Well, that started me thinking. In what form did God communicate to Abraham? Was it aural? Was there a burning bush? No, no burning bush. That was Moses. But …, that just makes my point more valid, If it was an internal voice guiding Abraham, then what do we.

This steal this thesis proposal is to examine the parental murders of their children (or, family suicide, if that’s the case, or whatever term they’re calling it these days). And what I wonder is, how many of these parents indicated that they were erasing their children because basically they were bad seeds. And if you were a parent of Adolf Hitler and had a chance to take him out early, then you would do it, thereby saving hundreds of thousands of lives although taking quite a risk of catapulting yourself into Hell.

So, thesis statement: There is strong evidence to support that the parents who murder their young children of toddler age and older (babies not included) and preschoolers do so under the pretext that God told them to do it. And my basic question is, has there been any studies done to determine how the future would’ve turned out if these murdered children were allowed to live? Is there some quantifiable evidence we can measure? I don’t know, but it seems a more-than-worthy thesis subject.


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