Steal this Thesis – Hyperspace Communication

There’s always been a conundrum in science fiction about communication between interstellar distances. Of course, in the series Star Trek, communication was instantaneous via video. My proposal — or thesis — is that I may not be able to obtain that, but I could indeed set up a sort of Morse Code kind of communication that could later be improved.

This idea occurred to me because of my science fiction novel Dominion and one of the futuristic programming tricks that my main female protagonist, Jess, who is an astronaut extraordinaire, uses. She has set up a quantum entanglement with her computer, and if anyone comes digging for information, which equates to a measurement that takes quantummilky-way-984050__180 elements out of the entangled state, the tripwire is tripped. In fact, this is currently in place in some security systems. The Chinese recently sent a spacecraft into orbit with an entangled particle to see if this same sort of quantum entanglement will work from space.

It will work. They didn’t spend that much money on an experiment that didn’t have a high expectation of success. Plus, it makes sense scientifically. In this same fashion, communication at interstellar distances are possible. Simply make 1 quantum entanglement disentanglement for a dot and two for a dash. The person at the other end of the universe will instantly get the dot and the dash. Boom. We have the old version of Morse Code via the telegraph system. Later, the process will get automated and more efficient. Progress on how this might occur is a decent topic for a Ph.D. thesis.

If there are any quantum physicists out there who might object to the fact that I’m sending and receiving information that one could say is faster that the speed of light. In a sense, that is true. Except, for these superimposed particles, they are inhabiting the same time-space. What cannot happen is that person A and person B, after having this interstellar conversation, can have a conversation about it before coming together which cannot happen faster than the speed of light. Einstein’s relativity is not being violated. Hence, Orson Scott Card had it right that it was possible. And now, the first steps have been taken.



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