Steal This Thesis: Juggling

The thought occurred to me the other day. I thought, hey, I know what can help prevent Alzheimer’s. Juggling. Well, that and maybe an apple a day for your entire life (which I’ve pretty much done). But anyway, what about juggling? It just so happens that juggling is a skill that my … cadets … practice in my novel Dominion.

But I figured I should google it. And sure enough, there have been studies. And the evidence is awesome. Juggling not only helps prevent Alzheimer’s, but it also increases brain mass. Admittedly, the evidence is scant. That’s why I believe it’s a great opportunity to do some studies.

The problem is, of course, the big pharmaceuticals don’t endorse this kind of research. They’d rather you pay for a pill. Gosh, if people can cure themselves or prevent illness by purchasing three balls and a video on learning how to juggle, well, that wouldn’t be good for the bottom line. They want cash flow. Juggling avoids the morass.

By the way, here’s some links to the juggling evidence:

Benefits of Juggling

Benefits of Juggling



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