Steal This Thesis: Jungian Social Psychology

In Jungian terms, the human psyche has the Id, the Ego, and the Superego to deal with. Personally, I have a Standard Map of Consciousness that very efficiently follow the time flow of the human psyche through the process of individuation.

It occurred to me this week that this Jungian analysis could also apply to nation-states.

A personal note: this all came about because of the Black Lives Matter movement. It occurred to me that in Gnostic Christianity, a view of Christianity that Carl Jung admired if not believed in, these outbursts in the national Media view, in a way, bear a striking resemblance to certain psychological elements of Jung’s world view.

Let me explain. Sometimes every one of us has various and sundry thoughts and impulses that rise to the surfaces of our consciousness,. and this Black Lives Matter is very much like an archetypal force rising to the surface of our awareness. Of course, whatever, this is individuation.

However, there is a problem when you consider the word: frisson. Yeow. What does that mean. Well, it’s when the archetypal impulses conflict with reality. We all have impulses, but when we’re, say, a compulsive gambler, and you don’t settle that issue by the age of 75, what are you going to do, to continue the process of individuation,

And look, we all want to be superstars. The odds of becoming a national celebrity via attending a rally is significantly higher than buying a lottery ticket.

So, my input is, enter the superego.

But it seems to me that politics is the antithesis of Jungian balance of the ego, id, and superego.






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