Steal This Thesis – Northerners More Likely to Accept Ascension

People in Climate-changing Geographic Areas, experiencing fully the four seasons, are better adjusted to believing in life after death. The reasoning is, they’ve been more exposed year after year to the cycle of birth, death, and re-birth.

Of course, measuring this would be difficult. That’s why I’m passing off the idea as a Steal This Thesis blog. And what about those Tibetan monks? Do they experience four seasons? I don’t know. Maybe. But they’ve certainly seen it. And maybe that’s my point. Those Tibetan monks need hour after hour after hour of meditative experience to come to understand that people in four-season climates experience daily, year after year. And it is a part of their psyches, their individuation.

In the middle of February in Michigan, it’s hard to see where life has scurried away to, to avoid the bitterness of winter. It can be 20 or 30 below zero (Celsius or Fahrenheit) But come spring, life returns. That’s kinda metaphoric. And it sinks into our psyches. Furthermore, I could make the argument that this sort of four-season mentality is what drove the Vikings to set forth from their Nordic hideaways.

I learned tonight that Hawaii is near the equator and the difference in sunlight between summer and winter in like … 20 minutes or so. Yow! It’s like 4 hours here. And yet the people in Hawaii notice the difference. They even complain about the shorter days. And so, I’m wondering what their religion tells them. Would they be less likely to believe and understand the Big Bang? My thesis suggests Northerners would be more likely to believe in the Big Bang, and maybe some Ph.D. wannabe will pick this idea up and run with it.


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