Steal this Thesis – or, a business idea? You decide.

I once wrote a business proposal for a new business. But at the time I wrote it, about a year ago, I had a different goal in writing it. I wasn’t interested in starting an actual business. I was doing a parody. I am, after all, a writer and published novelist. And so, I wrote a business plan for a new business with the corporate name: Something’s Bugging Me. And it would be a franchise. And the business would be these small offices in strip malls, and people who are working and are stressed out and need a release could come to Something’s Bugging Me and for example punch a punching bag for 5 minutes.

pray-756113__180The nice part is, this customer doesn’t have to change out of his or her business attire, whatever it is. Doesn’t matter. There were other stress relievers in the business plan. The 15-minute quick massage. The kicking the dead horse room (for frustrated project managers, lol). The point is, average workers would come to these strip mall locations for a 10-minute release of tension build-up. And these short visits would be inexpensive.

Today it occurred to me that I had set something like this scenario up when I was around age 25 or so, in 1982. I was an electronic technician in the Marine Corps. Our work area was a set of “portables” that were connected. Well, we put up a punching bag in the farthest back portable. The portable was seldom visited. I remember going back and hitting the punching bag, maybe once or twice. But if I remember correctly, it seemed to help.

Today, I look at it as a coping mechanism. No harm, no foul. Let’s be productive workers. And I kinda like that thought. Regardless, that was long ago. About 35 years. Still, butterfly on handit makes me wonder. If I had this business idea that I thought was malarkey, and yet I myself employed some of the processes involved in this business plan, and indeed this punching bag thought had somehow helped me navigate the process of the maturing consciousness (a la Carl Jung’s individuation), then maybe there’s something to be gleaned from just such a psychoanalysis of a nearly forgotten business plan.


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