Steal this Thesis – The Next Big Job Boom

Recent developments in the news made me think of my novel Dominion. The topic of discussion was asteroid mining. Care to take a guess of the monetary value of an asteroid that will be passing by in 3 years? reported that scientists believe the half-kilometer-wide asteroid contains up to 90 million metric tons of platinum and other precious metals. Asteroi2011 UW-158 carries as much as $5.4 trillion worth of precious metals and minerals.

5.4 trillion dollars? I smell an opportunity. And that means jobs. There is an entire asteroid mining industry out there, just waiting to spawn. So, my thesis is this. The future of jobs is in space. What kind of parenting will enable this new generation of workers to succeed? I suggest, helicopter parents will be in effect negating their children’s ability to explore employment opportunities in space, and I would love to see a study or thesis on the topic.


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