Steal this Thesis – These Names Suck

I am totally on board with the works of Carl Jung. However, I have a problem with the names he gave to the major parts of the human psyche. I mean, really — ego, superego, and id. What do they mean? These terms are not descriptive. Jung described the superego as the rider of a wild bronco, which is the ego. The rider tries to go in the course the Mom and Dad said were good, that religious interpretations agree with. But the ego, which is like a wild stallion, wants to go its own way. And who is to argue? There’s a lot of energy there. I’d say go with it.

But then, there’s the id. That’s your subconscious. It’s not easily identified. But it’s there.

And what I’m looking for is any alternatives to these ancient (lol) terms. Ego. Superego. Id. We have to do better than this. I’m open to suggestions.



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