Steal this Thesis – Who are the parents of transgender children?

transgenderI was wondering about the parents of children who become transgender. I must admit that I have no personal experience with this, other than what I see on the cable television channels. Given that, it seems to me that I could pose some questions that might rise to the worthiness of thesis research. I must say, however, that this blog post in no way makes any judgmental points of view. I’m merely supposing some aspects about parents who happen to find themselves parents of transgender children.

A bit of stereotyping might be in play here, but in general I would suggest that Democrats, closely aligned with liberals if not indeed the same thing, would be more receptive to their children saying they wanted to change gender identity than the Republican or conservative counterparts are capable of. Who knows, though. The research is spotty if indeed nonexistent. I believe there may be a “political correctness” at play that restricts the language of some potential researchers, and that bothers me. Such is the power of political correctness.

And so, I am wondering if there are any Ph.D. students out there who might be interested in this topic. I think it would be informative. And to be honest, I don’t know what the data would show. Perhaps the split is 50-50, liberal and conservative. But, unless the right question gets asked, the question would never be answered.

I would like to propose a Jungian response to either set of answers. That is, if it’s liberal, what would Jung say? If it were conservative, what would Jung say? If I’m claiming to understand Jung to the Nth degree, couldn’t I have an opinion on what the esteemed albeit dead psychoanalyst might say? Well, why not? If I’m totally off base, that might indeed be a topic for another “what’s this thesis” topic that serves as fodder for the Ph.D. mill.

Here’s the thing, let’s jump to the prediction. It would seem to Carl Jung that the parents who are less rigid, i.e., the liberal or Democratic persuasion, would be more understanding and accommodating to a seven-year-old’s request to change his or her gender than the conservative or Republican flavor.

This study is touchy. I understand the variables at play. It is intimidating. And yet I think there can be some genuine science pursued with the correct approach to the question posed by this blog post thesis. Let’s look at children under the age of let’s say thirteen. What is the political affiliation of their parents. Take experimental results and run with it.


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