The Effect of Weightlessness on Consciousness

weightless consciousnessBefore I begin, let’s be clear. I understand about microgravity. Can we just agree that zero G means that you’re basically floating around in a space capsule. If there’s some micro-G, so be it. With that said, I wondered the other day about the Process Map of Consciousness and whether or not weightlessness would have an effect, and if it did have an effect, could I predict what the difference would be.

Except for a handful of astronauts, most of human consciousness is already within the grasp of a significant gravity well. Space-time is warped so that we are always being pulled in the center of the gravitational mass. The thing that stops us is solid ground. Consider the movie Interstellar. Remember how time passed differently for the different astronauts based on their closeness to a black hole. Twenty years for one astronauts was several hours for another. Think of the makeup challenge!

black-holeHere is my initial assessment. We have to remember that it’s all relative. For the astronaut that only experienced 2 hours, his consciousness map was unchanged. For the astronaut who experienced 20 years, his was unchanged. And so it’s basically what Einstein has said all along. All physical laws in this universe for any observer in any space-time frame. And because weightlessness is basically an absence of a gravity well of significance, I don’t think there’s an effect, when considered from their frame.

However, an idle thought did give me pause. First, allow me to give you some background. There are things in the quantum world called energy wells. These wells are what captures electrons around the nucleus. Otherwise, the electrons would spiral inward in their orbits because of the gradual loss of energy. And so electrons are only allowed to exist at certain energy levels. To move out of its electron orbit, the electron must climb out of its energy well. The energy to leave its orbit is much higher than the next highest allowable state, or level. It’s like climbing the mountain to get to the next valley.

Parts of SelfBut what does that mean for the process map? Here it is. It’s at least true figuratively that when I look at people, it appears to me that I’m looking at individuals who are in a time warp. I’m saying, these people look like they’re stuck in the 10th grade, or maybe even earlier, like fifth grade stuff. I mean, there are adults walking around who are focusing their attention on petty revenge instead of personal meditation. Look, we all have a limited amount of time on this planet. If you go around so self-involved that you’re micromanaging your personal revenge agenda, then you’re missing the point. You’re acting like an adolescent.

But … could this be viewed as an energy well? Could it be that, like an astronaut in the vicinity of a black hole, an external observer ages 20 years and gets wise while the astronaut that experienced 2 hours is now relatively immature. Yes! It sure makes sense figuratively, and I think there could be some wiggle room on what’s the cause of this. For example, does thought frequency have an effect on energy density? And as per Einstein, energy and mass are equivalent, and so a great flux of thought within an astronaut’s mind might create a high-mass density that causes — relatively — a slowdown of time. And that is why we are surrounded by juveniles with adult privileges, whether it be a abusive husband’s slap to his wife’s face or Putin invading Ukraine. They’re still growing up, psychologically, and they can’t get out of the energy well of …, well let’s face it, … it’s second grade.



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