The Right Question Can Enhance Future Options

fractal-1239165__180Asking The “Right” Question

There are many ways in which to reference the “right” question. For example, in a court case, if a lawyer doesn’t ask the right question, a witness doesn’t have to say anything. In a dating relationship, asking your date the “right” questions can make you a conversationalist and worthy of interest. But, it’s physics that I want to frame this around. And there are some fundamental questions that can be asked in physics that alters the future manifestation of the universe (or at least, some parts of it …, okay, well, at least some particular particles).

scattering-145104__180Okay, With Me So Far?

Basically, the questions asked in particle physics, such as, are these particles paired? And, are these in an up-down configuration? And as the particles are probed with scientific instruments to determine, say, if the particles are in an up-down configuration, then there will be a probabilistic chance that they will be. But if the question isn’t asked, they never are. So indeed, the nature of the question determines particles configurations.

options-396266__180Huh. Interesting. But So What?

Well, here’s the thing. By forming different questions in your mind, you collapse certain waveforms. You can see and in fact create different potentials for your future just by asking yourself the right question. This is different from asking yourself if you’re doing the right thing. This is creating different possible futures. There are some physicists who believe that consciousness is what creates “reality” because if there are no “observers” (in the physics sense), then those waveforms never collapse. The universe would be a huge collection of probability waveforms. It’s only human observation, made possible by consciousness, that causes the universe to collapse into a “reality.”

pray-756113__180And Therefore …

This is one of those shiny examples of how psychotherapy can improve the lives of people. It’s how Carl Jung functioned. He found that by asking the right question, he could unfold (or unravel, or reveal) certain psychoses that can be profoundly difficult to diagnose. Also, it’s a great reason to write often in a personal journal. I would say, having a critical, questioning approach to one’s own thoughts and thinking (in general) is a great way to ask the right question and create a reality that has infinitely more possibilities that lives unquestioned.



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