The Story of Cover Art for Dominion

dominion-cover-1My publisher, Double Dragon Publishing, asked for input for the cover art for my novel Dominion. I don’t know how many times I told non-authors that publishers do not ever ask for input on the cover art. And I’m sure there’s another exception or two, such as Stephen King having a say on what goes on the cover of his books.

In any event, I did get asked.

dominion-cover-2And so my business black belt in kaizen and gemba and 5-S and all kinds of other tools that I learned while employed at a Danaher company, and Danaher does indeed have a great set of business tools, kicked in. I realized I needed concept drawings, something graphical that would give me an idea of what theme, color, and font (just to name a few) I was leaning toward. These initial drawings are interspersed throughout this blog.

dominion-cover-4To be honest, I was leaning toward a particular concept before doing the draft drawings, but I felt it was necessary to explore all options. With that said, I sent via email these draft drawings to my publisher. Shortly thereafter, the publisher sends me this really great cover art. But this is not a final copy!!!

dominion-510-2Hewitt is spelled wrong. And as they say in Nicaragua, it’s a “t” short. And my pen name for this novel is D.A. Hewitt. I was wanting a separation from my other novels, a murder mystery (The Dead Guy) and a suspense thriller (SPEAR).

But those are nits. And I’m nitpicking. And the successful iteration of back and forth between someone wanting input (my publisher) and someone eager to give input (me, understanding I was asked for input, not a final design), produced a wonderful cover. And allow me to suggest a few reasons why I like this cover. I think the process will be illuminating.

dominion-510-final-finalFirst of all, let me give you the real cover. It’s official. The cover is now up on the publisher’s website. And I’m extremely tickled. Now, “tickled” might seem like an odd word choice, but allow me to explain.

There are so many circles in this cover art, I’m happy. Because, if you look at the two “O’s” in the title, they resemble the Earth and the Moon. Furthermore, the Moon is slightly larger than the Earth (very suggestive). On a personal note, this cover has all my favorite colors, which are mostly hues within the blue to green spectrum. And I noticed embroyo-2another odd thing. This cover is somewhat of an optical illusion. Like the picture of what could be a vase or two people facing off.


It just seems to me that there embroyo-3is an awful lot of glow in the Earth’s representation in this cover art. I mused a bit, and then it hit me. This cover art is akin to the ending of a famous science fiction move, 2001: A Space Odyssey. At the end, the dominion-510-final-finalwayward astronaut (Dave?) gets transformed into a god-like protector of Earth. Well, you’d have to read the novel to get the symbolism. But in any event, the glow of Dave approaches Earth at the end of the movie. And as it approaches, it appears to be taking on this glowing embryonic being hovering over Earth.

And so here we go. The ebook version of Dominion is coming soon. The cover art is set. Let’s see where this book goes!





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