Time Invariant Processes

crossroadsOkay, I know the title of this blog might blow a few people off. Still, I’ve been persistent in the topics and physics. The universe, as per our understanding of physical equations, must be equally valid forward and back. It’s called time invariance.

So, let’s get to a similar topic. Parallel universes. There is a multi-universe theory (or two) that states that whenever a quantum phenomenon occurs such as entangled pairs being measured such as what happens when one strikes a Geiger counter, and whenever such a bifurcation occurs, resulting in entangled pairs, there is a parallel universe. The universes are not set, not pinpointed instead of being the wave functions, until measured which means viewed via a sentient observer. Period. dot. com.

messier-101-10995__180Here’s where it gets sticky. Because, … allow me to digress a moment. I was pondering earlier about a story in which we get to send off doppelgangers into parallel universes. I can understand the reasoning. If I have a major decision that involves the future of one of my children, I might want to see how it would turn out if I chose this way or that way.

But, in a parallel universe, couldn’t I go back and give myself advice? In a quantum parallel universe, and according to theory it is entirely possible. Even probable. Let’s say that there is a reason the flow of time is forward. Maybe it’s moot. In this argument, it is.

space time warpDid you ever wonder, if people could move back and forward in time, why hasn’t anyone from the future come back in full media version and give some good advice. Well, what if, that’s happened approximately … once. And the name was Jesus Christ.

Ya know, … that’s what I would’ve done, if I was man-up enough. I’d like to think I was up to the task. But here’s the question. Would you? I mean, if you in your 50s or 60s or later, and you had a chance to travel back in time and affect history in the way Christ did, would you? It is certainly food for thought. And I would suggest it means more than that. It delineates the givers and the takers. And it’s the takers we have to worry about. Think Hitler and Damien.



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