Two Blog Night

I’ve never blogged twice in one day before today. It begs me to ask myself, why? Here’s where it gets tricky. I could say that I want to blog because I’ve thought of a couple of good ideas, and I want to write these ideas down before I forget them. I agree. However, I think also I’m getting more excited about Dominion being available for purchase soon.

Plus, every blog post I make gets automatically inserted into my other website,

This 2nd post also made me think of my first nonfiction book, The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting. What occurred to me is, I sold that book as an activity book for weekend dads. But I had a secondary motive. I also got published (in the National Library of Congress (by the way). And what I remembered was that although I pitched it as an activity book for weekend dads, it also presented my whole philosophy about raising children. That’s quite a book to write. Was I that confident that my strategy would pay off? No, not really, because there are a zillion books on how to raise children.

But my ideas worked. Ask me how. Or buy the book.


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