Wait a Minute! A Cure for Alzheimer’s?

juggling4Imagine this scenario: A new pharmaceutical drug gets developed and goes through clinical trials and is approved by the FDA and consumers could get these pills and take them. And as a result of taking these pills, imagine that the occurrance of Alzheimer’s drops 75%, and when Alzheimer’s does develop, it develops years and sometimes decades later than it would have otherwise.

juggling5Actually, this scenario exists (sort of) now. Not only that, the lifetime supply of these “pills” is cheap, maybe 20 dollars or so. Total. Could the low cost (and thereby low cost) be the reason that this “miracle cure” is not being pushed by the powers that be? Well, certainly Big Pharma wouldn’t be promoting this approach.

Another reason could be that this “miracle cure” could reasonably provoke a response of disbelief. It does seem that it could be a shamjuggling1. Why? Because this “miracle cure” is learning how to juggle and continuing to practice juggling. The thing is, there are scientific studies that back up the claim that learning to juggle and the ensuing juggling practice helps grow gray (and white) matter and helps delay (or prevent) the onset of Alzheimer’s.

And the thing is, there is science to back this up. Check out the following sources, including the online journal Nature Neuroscience.

CNN: The Benefits of Juggling

Nature Neuroscience

Popeye, and the science fiction novel, DominionI‘m thinking that if I believe in this strongly enough, I should take the issue directly to the people. In this situation, that would involve the nonprofit (I think) National Alzheimer’s Association. But I believe there are several federal programs directly focused on this issue. The Council on Aging, I think. Anyway, billions of dollars go into these programs. I hate to cut someone’s job, but there are layers and layers of these institutions that need to be pared down if not stripped away.

juggling2And then maybe we could achieve a national harmony on the subject, and multiple programs and associations and federal bureaucracies will all see the light and get on board (while understandably keeping other research options open) and fully support this juggling initiative. It would kinda be like “group juggling”. Perfect!

National Alzheimer’s Association


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