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Science Fiction Novel

First of all, it’s been a busy month or so. Not only did it see the publication of Dominion, my science fiction novel set in the year 2075, when the Moon declares independence from Earth, but I also signed up for a 0.5 K run. And it’s tomorrow. Of course, there might be adult beverages available. It’s sponsored by a local radio show, Dave and Chuck the Freak.

But here’s the thing. What’s next? The problem is, I have multiple options. I know, I know, if only every issue one faces in life was choosing among the many possibilities that all have a potentially very nice outcome. For example, I’ve been considering setting up a booksigning at Nicola’s bookstore. Furthermore, I would tell the owner that I’ll buy 50 books through them, give them to the first 50 people to sign up for the reading, and then follow it up with a 45-minutes speech about …, and therein lies the problem.

juggling3I could make the speech about the efficacy of juggling in the War on Alzheimer’s. (Oh wait, there is no “War on Alzheimer’s”.) Still, given my investment with the purchase of 50 books (about $750), I figure I can angle the reading to whatever I want it to be.

juggling4So, let’s say I go with the juggling and Alzheimer’s angle. Maybe as a result there’s a dozen or so people who delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by four years. Would that be worth it to me to devote the time and energy? Or is there some way I can help a greater number of people? This might sound like Ethics 101 (and somewhat weirdly, I just relived a memory from my own Ethics 101 class (yes, a liberal arts college), in which I was introduced to the idea that the world was awash in gray, and in no area is reality a question of black and white.

blurred butterfly with timeOf course, I could go with a total pitch on my next novel, which is already mostly written, and is a notch above (according to certain critical readers) Dominion. And because there is a part of me that wants to just be a New York Times bestselling novel; and so maybe I want to angle my reading into an introduction into my next novel.

I don’t know. We shall see, I suppose. But I do want to say that I’m excited about the possibilities. Maybe I’ll successfully start a national program to eliminate Alzheimer’s. Maybe I’ll start a process to make my next novel a bestseller. Maybe I’ll just focus on my virtual book tour, which I don’t have the details of yet (sigh). Or maybe I’ll figure out a way to make my Standard Model of Consciousness and my Emergency Response Protocol a part of the national dialog. It seems to me, these are all worthy of time and effort.




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